Why Double Bookings Keep Hoteliers Up At Night

Accidental double room bookings are an hotelier’s worst nightmare. They can be caused by faulty booking systems and systems which don’t automatically update to show when a room has been booked, meaning it may show as available and as be booked by another customer.

Double booking causes difficulties for both customers and hoteliers. Despite the quality of your hotel, if a customer is double booked they will lose trust in your hotel and are likely to complain, find somewhere else to stay or not return in the future. Worst still they are likely to tell all their friends and family and possibly tweet or moan to their Facebook friends.

Having to allocate customers to a different room may mean having to give the customer a discount or part refund to keep them happy, which means your hotel is unnecessarily losing money if this happens on a regular basis. It is also sometimes a huge inconvenience to customers if you don’t have any available rooms to reallocate them to, which any hotelier wants to avoid at all costs.

Skip the third party sites

There are some things that any hotelier can do to try and avoid double bookings. If you have many ways in which customers can make a reservation, such as booking through comparison sites, over the phone, at the reception desk and on your website, rooms can be easily double booked by different parties trying to book the same room without the room reservations updating straight away on all platforms. This can easily be avoided by skipping third party sites and having customers book directly with you. Our software offers you the highest quality in hotel booking systems and our added extras and reward schemes will keep customers coming back to your hotel directly rather than shopping around for deals on price comparison sites or booking through a third party site.

Immediate confirmations

Our software offers the option to send an immediate, personalised confirmation to customers who book and the reservation is updated on the system immediately to avoid unnecessary stress due to double bookings. With our simple software, it is easy to manage and view bookings so you always know exactly which rooms are booked and which aren’t.

If you do choose to have people book through third party sites, our channel manager works in real time and is the best available technology in this very complex process of updating all 3rd party websites. It updates inventory within 2 minutes to all channels, making sure they have the most up to date information about the hotel. Additionally you can sell more rooms, because you are able to showcase your entire room inventory in real-time across all the third party websites.

Double bookings need not keep hoteliers up at night with just one simple change – the way customers’ book and the online booking system you use. Our ultimate software can be up and running in 48 hours for your hotel to save you stress and make you money. Call us now on 02920 351575 to find out how we can save you money, increase customer satisfaction and help you avoid the stress of double bookings.

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“The High Level system is great. We hadn't used anything like this before, but this is saving us so much time. To have all our bookings drop in to one calendar is brilliant. The customer support is fantastic, I thoroughly recommend High Level Software.”

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