Why Are Online Hotel Booking Systems Important

Our latest survey shows why hotel booking systems are so important for customers

We recently conducted a survey to evaluate the appeal and ease of use and how this impacted on customer feelings about online hotel booking forms. The survey included questions about the consumer’s hotel website online booking form completion experiences over the past 12 months. The survey also asked respondents to comment on their thoughts of the 16 anonymous (no booking vendors branding displayed) online booking forms, four of which were High Level Software’s and 12 were competitors. A total of 80 street surveys were completed in both London and Swindon.


The results of the survey showed how our booking systems differ from those of competitors and why the choice of booking system is extremely important to any hotel business.

First impressions count

We found that the majority of those polled where holiday-makers who were booking for pleasure. Holiday makers expect outstanding customer service from their hotel and the first impressions they have will be of the booking system they use. A clear layout with easy to follow instructions and little extras such as a space for specific requests a customer may have, as well as a friendly, personalised booking confirmation email will make your hotel stand out from the crowd and ensure the customer is more likely to book directly with you in the future.

41% of interviewees selected the Higher Level Software booking system as their favourite from four ‘unbranded’ booking systems. One interviewee said they preferred our booking system because “It’s more attractive, less busy than the others, easier to follow, clearer, you know what you’re getting, clean and simple, you get a good impression of what you’re going to get when you arrive at the hotel, makes you feel confident, looks professional.

Little extras

88% of those surveyed said that they would like to order extras such as flowers, wine and fruit and the time of booking. High level software has an extras area where customers can book such items at the time of booking. This is something that is very often not included in other booking software.

Interestingly, 43% said that they use a combination of both booking with discounted online hotel sites and booking directly with the hotels. It appears that this majority are wise hotel buyers, seeking the best hotel deals and are willing to shop around to get what they need. Therefore, it is essential that you use the best booking system possible to attract customers and make them more likely to book directly with your hotel on their first visit and for many visits to come. Customers know what they want when it comes to booking their perfect hotel and with many price comparison sites out there, a professional looking, easy to follow booking page will stand out above standard comparison sites.

Rewards breed loyalty

The survey also revealed that if hotels offered rewards such as loyalty points and special offers for returning guests, 94% of those polled would be likely to book with the hotel direct. High Level Software has built in loyalty and remarketing functionality that makes it very easy for an hotelier to offer rewards.

If you’re looking for more ideas for ways to increase customer loyalty, why not give us a call? High Level Software specialises in helping small and independent hotels build ongoing relationships with customers and reduce reliance on expensive 3rd party booking systems. Call us now on 02920 351575

To receive a copy of the High Level Survey, please email info@high-level-software.com