Switching to High Level Software – The Process

We understand that switching systems can be a daunting prospect…

…so we aim to make the process as straightforward and simple as possible. We will support you throughout the whole process and have a clearly defined ‘Go-Live Roadmap’ so you don’t need to worry about a thing. See our seven step process below and if you have any questions about switching to High Level Software, simply contact us for more information.


1. Account Manager Call Introduction

Your dedicated account manager will give you a call to introduce themselves and talk you through the stages of going live. Your account manager is on hand for any queries you may have and they will manage your ‘go live’ process.


2. Registration Form Completion

Our technical team will give you a call to run through your registration form. The information we need is as follows:

  • Room names and types
  • Rates
  • 3rd party channels you currently connect to (and associated passwords)


3. System Build and Import

Our team then ‘build’ your system (add all your rooms, extras etc) and design it to match your website. We also run through all the options with you so the system is personalised to your hotel.


4. Training

We offer either online or on site training and your staff will receive three online sessions or a half or full days’ training on site. The system is very intuitive and simple to navigate so we find this is plenty of time to learn everything you need to start using High Level.


5. Connections

Our connections team map all your rooms and connect you to all your 3rd party channels through our real-time channel manager


6. Go Live

We are then ready to go live but we often suggest that you run your current system alongside ours for a day or to – to make sure that your staff are totally comfortable using the system. Once you are, we switch the channels on and you are up and running.


7. Aftercare

We schedule 2 further training sessions with your staff to answer any questions that come up during your first few weeks using the system. Of course we are also available on the phone any time you need us.