Social Media Marketing Is No Longer a Choice For Hoteliers; It’s a Necessity.

The recent Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International Webinar informed listeners that posting the messages on Facebook and Twitter will build loyal guests, but it is no longer enough.  Social media needs to be part of the hotel’s culture and seamlessly integrated in to each department’s responsibilities.


“Social is here, it’s present and it’s not going away. You have to play in the space and if you don’t, your competitors will start getting share,” said Nick Graham, senior director of market management for Expedia. “You don’t have to have it all figured out but start playing in the space.”


Social interaction does lead to higher conversion rates and higher average daily rates, Graham said. This is backed up by recent research conducted by PhoCusWright, 66% of travelers are influenced by traveler reviews and 35% interact with travel companies through social networks.


“It needs to be seamlessly integrated into all of your digital marketing efforts. You can delay engaging in it or you engage in it today” confirmed Anil Aggarwal, CEO of Milestone Internet Marketing.


“Social creates a more engaged customer,” Graham said. “Our more loyal customers are more likely to buy.”


How can hoteliers effectively use social media to build loyalty and most importantly turn those efforts in to revenue?


Increased engagement with travelers leads to strengthened relationships, which then leads to increased consideration when it comes time to buy. Consumers who are engaged with a brand socially are more likely to share their experiences online.


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