Let Social Media Feedback Guide Your Hotel Business Model

A recent article about flash sale sites and their social media problem mentioned that there is a high level (44%) of negative sentiment on the flash sale social media footprint.  With “fans” of these sites complaining about shipping, forced log-ins, customer service and product section, among other things.  However, by labelling these as a “social media problem,” the focus moves away from the real issue: the flash sales business model.


It’s not that customers are picking on the flash sales industry. It’s that even though the business model appears to offer an incredible benefit to consumers (pricing discounts) it also has its limitations that may not be worth the benefit. Whether it’s longer ship times or the over-sale of a group discount, they under-deliver on the promise of being in it for the customer.


You need to see social media is a mirror, a reflection of your company, and how you’re doing today. Sometimes you look in a mirror and don’t see the truth. Then, every once in a while, you catch a glimpse as you walk by, and say “wait a minute, what was I thinking with this haircut?” It works the same way with social media. It’s easy to blame the reflection on your consumers, but what you really need to change is you.


99.9% of the time, your company doesn’t have a social media problem. It has a business problem. And when that problem is fixed, you’ll see it reflected in the mirror that is social media.


Read the full article at www.inc.com  to discover how you can turn that mirror into a reflection you’re proud of.