‘Allo A.L.O. – How The World’s First Robot Butler Is Showing What Technological Innovation Can Do For The Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is constantly developing – looking for ways to improve the level of service offered to customers, looking to make processes more efficient.

Technology is being utilised by more and more hotels to achieve the results they want. We’re seeing this in the shape of apps, websites and computer systems – but also in more futuristic ways like the one we’re looking at today.

Call the Botlr

Even as technology takes greater leaps and bounds, there are still certain concepts that sound more like science fiction than science fact.

The idea of a robot butler still seems to fall into the ‘fiction’ side of things. Pop-culture images like Sico from Rocky IV make it difficult to take the concept seriously – and yet, thanks to a Silicon Valley start up called Savioke, the robot butler is now a reality.

Meet A.L.O

Already delighting guests at Aloft Hotels, A.L.O. is the perfect representation of how technological innovation can be utilised by the hotel industry.

The Botlr makes deliveries to rooms, after being manually loaded with the requested goods by a human member of staff. The robot is able to navigate through the hotel and even call lifts via WiFi.

Upon arriving at the guest’s room, Botlr calls the room’s phone and then, once it detects that the door has been opened, unlocks its container and allows the guest to get to the goods requested.

The robot then gives the guest the chance to rate its performance – even doing a ‘dance’ if the review is good.

Leveraging Novelty for Marketing

In another smart move, the A.L.O Botlr accepts Tweets as tips, meaning you can get a good look at how much the guests are enjoying this new and exciting service by checking out the hashtag #meetbotlr.

Aloft market their hotels as tech friendly, hotels for tech savvy people – early adopters of new technology trends. A.L.O. fits into this image perfect, but what use is that if no-one knows about it?

That’s what makes the ‘Tweets as tips’ idea so powerful. The kind of guests that Aloft want to attract will be all over Twitter, and when they see the robot butler on their news feed that could be enough to seal the deal.

Another great thing about the hashtag – it shows that guests are not only enjoying the novelty value of the robot butler, but also finding it helpful. From a brand image perspective, the botlr couldn’t have worked out much better for Aloft hotels.

We Can’t All Have Robots…

While it’s true that the botlr isn’t going to be right for every hotel, that doesn’t mean there isn’t technology out there that can help you.

We believe that improving your business can be as simple as getting your hands on the right piece of software. Why not get in touch with us today and see what we can do for your hotel – take the opportunity and harness all the benefits innovation can offer!