Hotel Industry January 2016 Round-up

At High Level Software, we always keep up with the latest developments in the hotel and travel industry. We also know that hoteliers are extremely busy people and as such it can be difficult to keep track of all the industry news.

That’s why we’ve compiled 5 of the most interesting articles from the last month, so you can get a burst of industry news in one place.

We normally present our round-ups in chronological order, newest first. However, we feel the first article on this list is so important it should take the top spot.

1. Germany orders to alter best-price terms for hotels

Travel Weekly – Published 23/12/2015

At the end of last year, Germany’s competition regulator (the Bundeskartellamt) made a landmark decision about Other country’s regulators are still assessing the new terms, but if the UK regulator goes the same way this could be a game-changer for independent hotels.

Furthermore, simply by being aware of this development you give yourself the chance to negotiate a better contract with Read the article to find out more.


2. Special Report: Does a vocal minority hold sway over online reviews?

Travolution – Published 13/01/2015

Many studies have shown how important online reviews are, particularly for independent hotels. However, research has also shown that only a small percentage of guests will leave reviews.

Does that mean the success of your hotel is in the hands of this small minority? This article shines a light on this subject and the statistics that surround it.


3. What should my instant booking strategy be?

Mirai’s blog for hoteliers – Published 12/01/2016

Instant booking can be a contentious issue for independent hotels – this article looks at why you might be hesitant to get involved, but ultimately explains why, if done right, instant booking can be beneficial to your business.


4. Seven ways business travel could benefit from tech this year

tnooz – Published 12/01/2016

The technology available to both hoteliers and guests is constantly improving – in this article find out how developing technology trends could help you improve your business in 2016.


5. Hotel trends for 2016

Telegraph Travel – Published 05/01/2016

What will 2016 bring for hoteliers and the travel industry? It’s difficult to predict what developments might occur over the next 12 months, but experts have looked at trends and how they could continue over the next year – find out more in this article.