High Level will solve your top 5 front desk problems

At High Level Software we listen to our customers. We have learned the top 5 problems that front desk operators have, and our cloud-based system solves every one of them!

Do any of these sound familiar?

1. Creating and sending invoices








Forget creating and attaching invoices to a separate email – HLS creates your invoice in real-time and is delivered by email straight from our system with one button

2. Making a quick booking








Our system gives you an option to make a ‘fast-booking’ – and it is fast! Make a booking in seconds – really!

3. Entering details of OTA bookings








Our real-time, fully integrated channel manager delivers ALL bookings with ALL details from every channel and your website

4. Splitting an invoice








Simply click each reservation you wish to separate as a separate invoice and hey-presto!

5. Moving/amending existing bookings








Our interactive calendar allows you to move, amend and allocate bookings simply by ‘dragging and dropping’

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