Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer customer support?

We provide excellent, UK based customer service and training. We answer over 95% of calls within 5 seconds! We also provide 24 hour email support


Does HLS give me details of all my bookings

Absolutely. All your bookings, from all channels, fall in to the same calendar, with booking and payment info


Is it easy to connect to 3rd party booking sites?

Yes, our channel manager connects to 130 third party booking engines, including and laterooms. You tell us which channels you want to connect to – and the bookings will fall straight in to your calendar


Does the channel manager update all my inventory automatically?

Yes, our channel manager is unique, in that it talks in real time to all your channels and your website booking engine. As soon as a room is booked on any channel, or your website, it updates all your other channels with the new inventory


Do I have to have the same rates on all channels?

Our system gives you flexibility. You can choose to have the same rates on all channels and your website, or alternatively, you can manage individual rates for each channel


Will I be charged per user / license?

No, your flat monthly fee allows you to add as many users as you wish


Is it easy to integrate with my website?

Yes, we can set everything up for you, or provide a simple code for your web designer to implement. We understand that switching systems can be a daunting prospect, so find out how we make the process as straightforward and simple as possible.


Is there a rewards scheme I can use to keep guests booking directly?

Yes, your HLS system includes a rewards system. It is very simple to use and very effective; the best way to keep guests booking directly with you and reducing your commission to 3rd party booking sites


Can I sell ‘Extras’ to my customers?

Yes, HLS allows you to pre load extras, such as breakfasts, champagne, late check out etc in to your system for your customers to purchase at the time of booking. This has proved a great way to generate revenue


Can I sell one room as several different room types?

Yes, we offer ‘multi room functionality’, allowing you to sell one ‘physical’ room as as many different ‘room types’ as you wish. the system is intelligent enough to offer all options to the customer, deliver the booking to your calendar and make sure the room isn’t overbooked


Does your system offer a housekeeping report?

Yes, the system has a real time house keeping report, with a section for notes and maintenance


Can I create reports?

Yes, our reporting suite allows you to create real time reports, including revenue, payments, posting, bookings and rev / par. All reports are illustrated and can be emailed to you straight from the system, or downloaded as a PDF or CSV file


Can I see overdue invoices?

Yes, our sales ledger allows you to see all invoices, for any time period. They are colour coded according to their status.

You can set different payment terms for each corporation and even email invoice reminders straight from our system


Will I have to pay for new or extra modules?

No, we continually work to improve our system and all new modules are ‘rolled out’ and available to you for no extra charge for the length of your contract


Can I access HLS outside of my hotel?

Yes, you can access your HLS system from any computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access


Can I access the system from different computers/tablets?

Yes, you can access your HLS system from as many machines as you wish


Can I create corporate bookings?

Yes, in the HLS system you can create corporate accounts, with a single email address for all invoices. You can also ‘split’ invoices, so the room bill goes to the corporation but bar bills etc go to the guest.


Can I move and amend bookings in the system?

Yes, our interactive calendar allows you to move or amend any booking. The new information is then automatically sent to all your 3rd parties and your new inventory updated.

Also, any amendments or cancellations to 3rd party bookings happen automatically, you don’t have to do a thing!


Can I set up different members of staff on the system?

Yes, you can create and delete staff members to use the system


Can I set different levels of access for my staff?

Yes, you can create staff members as either ‘managers’ or ‘front desk’ Each has a different level of access


Can I set different rates in advance?

Yes, you can preload and change all your rates, both on your website and all the 3rd party channels


Do you offer training for new members of staff?

Yes, ongoing online training is included in your contract


Is it easy to switch?

Please see our guide to how easy it is to switch to High Level Software


Can I offer discounts and add them to the invoice?

Yes, you can add a discount, which is added to the invoice in real time


Can I add sundries to an invoice (for a taxi ride or bar bill, for example)?

Yes, you can add anything you wish to the booking and it will be added to the invoice automatically


Is the system password protected?

Yes, every member of staff will have a password to access the system


Can guests pre order breakfasts and dinners on specific days?

Yes, guests can choose whatever they wish on any day during their stay at the time of booking and this will then automatically show in your system on the day it is due


Will the booking engine match my website?

Yes, we brand every system with your logo and colour scheme, to keep everything looking professional


Will my invoices have my logo on?

Yes, all your emails and invoices are branded with your logo and colour scheme, to keep everything ‘on brand’


Do customers receive a confirmation email?

Yes, when a booking is made, an email is automatically delivered to your guest with all the details of the booking


Will I receive email confirmation of every booking?

Yes, as soon as a guest makes a booking, you will receive an email with all the details on. The booking also falls straight in to your calendar

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