Easy Hallo-wins to turn festive spirit into more bookings


With Halloween next Wednesday, Guy Fawkes Night the following week and Christmas right around the corner we are undoubtedly in the most festive half of year. Each of these holidays creates an exciting opportunity for hoteliers, so we’ve put together some quick tips on how you can harness the holiday spirit and convert it into increased bookings and revenue.

Embrace the occasion
Whether you prefer subtle changes or an all-out look, decorating your property to suit the occasion is a great way to boost business. Not only will this make your guests stay more memorable but it will help you stand out against your competition. By appealing to your guests’ festive spirit, you can make it easy for them to picture themselves having their dream winter stay with you. Not to mention if you give your guests a great experience they’re more likely to re-book seasonally.

Create Holiday Experiences
During this time of year guests will be looking for themed events, activities and experiences to get involved with. This creates a host of great opportunities to draw their attention not only to what’s going on at your hotel but what’s happening in the surrounding area that you can piggy back on to make sure they stay with you.

  • What’s going on inside your hotel?
    If your hotel has a bar or restaurant then perhaps you can host a spooky cocktail evening next week, or a trick or treat around the property and other themed games to get the whole family involved. Not only are these activities great fun for your guests but it makes great content for your social media channels!
  • What’s going on outside your hotel?
    Have a think about what your neighbourhood has to offer during these festive times. Is there a haunted mansion? Bonfire night or a winter wonderland? These are activities which draw travellers in who want to engage in the holiday spirit and if your hotel is equally festive then you offer the perfect pairing.

Lets get digital!
If you follow the steps we’ve already mentioned then you are well on your way to boosting your holiday season sales! But it’s essential to make sure that anything you are doing in your hotel is reflected on your digital platforms. Yes, we’re talking about your website, social media channels and email campaigns.

  • Your social media
    For a quick change which has a big impact consider changing your cover and banner images to reflect the holiday, think holly wreaths and spooky forests! Alongside this, tweak the content you’re pushing out accordingly and don’t forget the emojis! These festive improvements will not only make your hotel look current but it will instantly hook travellers looking to enjoy the season into booking with you.
  • Your Website
    Consider investing in a few seasonal tweaks to your site. Though these changes may seem small some spooky pumpkins or seasonal snowfall can really make an impact and set you apart from the competition. By tapping into a potential guest’s excitement for the holiday season you’re more likely to secure their direct booking.
  • Seasonal Email Campaigns
    During festive times customers are susceptible to seasonal inbox’s and more likely to engage deals your hotel is offering. So plan ahead and build holiday offers such as a ’12 Days of Christmas’ or ‘New Year New Stay’ campaigns into your marketing strategy. Adding festive extras to your pre-arrival mailouts is also a great way to tap into the holiday spirit. Whether it’s a ‘trick or treat’ selection or full-blown Christmas decorations, these extra touches will not only guarantee your guests remember their stay but boost your seasonal revenue.

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