3 Ways To Get Customers Coming Back To Your Hotel

With more and more hotel customers choosing to book through price comparison websites and an ever decreasing proportion visiting the same hotel more than once, what can you do to help your hotel stand out amongst the crowds and attract repeat guests?

There are a few strategies you can use to ensure customers are more likely to book directly through your hotel and, more importantly, that they will keep coming back.

Loyalty schemes

During recession, British consumers value loyalty cards and schemes more than ever. One survey found that 95% of people in the UK are actively participating in travel and shopping reward schemes of some kind at any one time – it’s become a staple of our shopping psyche. In the current economic climate then, loyalty schemes are a great way of keeping guests coming back to your hotel more than once for perks and rewards. By offering exclusive rewards and extras when guests book directly with your hotel they will be more likely to do so rather than going through a price comparison website. We can offer your customers a simple and smart way to book room directly through your hotel along with a loyalty scheme to encourage repeat bookings.

The value of reviews for small hotels

Online reviews of your hotel will drastically impact whether or not a customer will choose to book with you. Tourism review site TripAdvisor, the most popular hotel review site, hit 100 million reviews in March 2013, with a 50% increase in posted content year on year. Put simply, your guests trust other guests, meaning it’s becoming increasingly important for your hotel to have the best reviews to stand out from the crowd and keep customers returning trip after trip.
A great way to get more reviews is to send your guests a thank you email a few days after they have checked out, including a small note asking them to post a review on one of the well known review sites. However, be warned: pressuring guests to post positive reviews or offering them incentives or bribes for good reviews can affect your credibility on review sites, as customers can report you for trying to fix your reviews.

Excellent service

Nothing will make your hotel more memorable to guests than excellent customer service. British consumers consistently rate good customer service as the biggest reason they would spend more again, with rewards that are relevant to them coming in a close second. 60% of consumers say that even in a recession, they would still pay more for better service, making amazing customer service imperative if you want guests to return.
Our personalised, easy to use booking systems will make your guests feel like your hotel has gone the extra mile in terms of customer service, even before they check in. If you’re looking for more ideas for ways to increase customer loyalty, why not give us a call? High Level Software specialises in helping small and independent hotels build ongoing relationships with customers and reduce reliance on expensive 3rd party booking systems. Call us now on 02920 351575